Taylor Starns

“.. and this is one thing you must take as true: no evil can happen to a good man either living or dead.”- Socrates

Taylor Starns, or as her friends like to call her “Tay,” is a friendly 19- year old, born and raised in Charlottesville, VA. She is of Irish and English descent, and the second oldest of four girls in her family. Taylor is a Sociology and Anthropology major with a minor in Art History at Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina. She has hopes of becoming a Clinical Social Worker after school and would love to engage in something that involves art therapy.

Taylor loves music, dancing, and interacting with people. She has been taking dance lessons ever since she was two years old, and she played the piano as a child. “My daddy raised me on classic rock, and it’s definitely my first love in music. There’s nothing I’d rather do than listen to music,” she says.

“This internship will likely be the best experience I’ll have as far as anthropological work goes, and I’m so excited to be a part of this team!” she exclaims.

Taylor loves the beach, and because she has grown up near the mountains, she loves being in the woods. However she says, “most of my family is from the beach and I guess I associate time at the beach with time with the people I love.”

Taylor is fluent in French and recently spent some time over in Europe. She studied abroad in Cambridge, England during highschool and has been to Reynosa, Mexico twice on mission trips. “My favorite of all the places,” she says, “ is definitely Reynosa, because I have fallen in love with the community there.”

While her inspiration is the late, great Socrates, Taylor is motivated to do what she loves to do by the people that surround her. “There is nothing more important to me than my relationships with the people who I love,” she says.

Taylor is looking forward to being revealed to the Ancients of the land. She says, “I’m excited to learn about the traditions and daily lives of the people we meet. I’m excited to learn anything that people are willing to teach me.”

She is most looking forward to connecting with the people, establishing relationships, and being completely isolated and free from distraction. She can’t wait to experience life in a completely natural way!

Taylor hopes to experience a spiritual growth. “I find myself growing spiritually every day, and I can’t imagine that I’d manage to return from this internship without having grown a great deal.