August 17 2010: Rabaul, East New Britian, Paupa New Guinea; Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; Napo, Ecuador and Charlottesville, Virginia

By constituting reciprocal knowledge networks to perpetually benefit whole communities the 2010 Heritable Innovation Trust uses the fundamental values expressed in Integral Accounting to invite knowledge holders and users into cooperation that will last and grow. This document continues the World’s First Heritable Innovation Trust Document, written in 2009, which was deployed and stewarded by the communities in East New Britain.

The best way to learn is by doing. So all the information found in the Heritable Innovation Trust is experienced by our intern teams. To accurately convey methods and processes, H.I.T. interns engage in hands-on participation for every Trust Item. Community profiles and Integral Accounting analyses are constructed based on the direct experiences of our teams. Interns become active members of the communities they are hosted by. Our teams are frequently the first foreign visitors to the communities we engage with and thus build unique relationships with everyone they interact with.