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As the days get closer to the 2012 Papua New Guinea Trip intern Mike Venable shares his thoughts...

Two weeks ago a team from M•CAM Inc. returned back to Charlottesville, Virginia having launched another example of humanity’s untapped potential. They successfully helped a team in Papua New Guinea to create the first privately owned community water utility project in the country. The following is a recap of the adventure by team member, Katie Martin.

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After hours and hours of flying, all of the interns have safely returned to their respective homes. This year was an extremely effective building year for the Heritable Innovation Trust. We were able to set up a foundation for internship programs for future groups with the Ngavalus community in New Ireland. Prior to our departure, we were able to connect with Clement Kanau, a politician, to set up plans for internship groups to be part of the development of model villages he is organizing just north of the Port Moresby airport.

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What is the M·CAM Heritable Innovation Trust team doing for SharkWeek? Living with the shark callers of the Ngavalus Village in New Ireland, Papua New Guinea. This village is comprised of the Nono, Lokvitua, Lovongai communities. They are a shark calling community which is different than the Kontu Shark Callers of the West Coast.

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Sharadha Ramakrishnan:
We're finally leaving to new ireland!! It has been a wonderful two weeks at mama t's house. The past week we've been working on turmeric, cardamom, nutmeg and helping mayne out with the office work. Lots of things lined up for the next two weeks and I'm very excited!

Roger Bohon Jr.:

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Yesterday American students, Katie Martin, Roger Bohon and Rodriques Jackson, left for Papua New Guinea and will be joined in Australia by Romanian native, Antonia Berki and Sharadha Ramakrishnan from India. The group will spend 2 days in Sydney, Australia going over Heritable Innovation Trust Orientation before heading to Papua New Guinea. Upon arrival the team will spend a few days with our Paupa New Guinea contact, Theresa Arak, at Amruqa before heading, via Banana Boat, to New Ireland.

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Sharadha is 23 and from the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. She grew up in the middle east for the most part and came back to her homeland for college education. She holds a Masters degree in software engineering and is very passionate about music, photography and playing basketball whenever she can. She loves food and enjoys different cuisines as long as it's vegetarian. She does, however, have a particular weakness for chocolates. She can come off as a very head strong, wildly enthusiastic person who's pillars are her principles, but she also knows how to sniff out fun whenever it's in close proximity :)

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For the last 4 months, our 2011 interns have been working hard to change their diet, get in shape, and doing their homework of keeping us updated on their excitement for the upcoming summer trips. For those students traveling to Mongolia, they have changed their diet from regular college food to all protein and dairy. And for those going to Papua New Guinea, they have focused on eating only starches and vegetables. They are working out three to four times a week and have begun tuning their minds by reading “Steps to an Ecology of the Mind” and “Pandora’s Seed”.

March 2011
I am still in Asia, spending all my time and energy studying Chinese, one of the most difficult languages on earth. I already have been doing this for a year and a half, but these days I realized that it has never been so interesting as it is now.
How do I prepare my body for the internship:
- my diet consists of rice, soy-products, raw vegetables, fruits, and occasionally some fish, and very little meat, if any at all. Asian diet has much less meat than the East European one, and has a great taste.