Sharadha Ramakrishnan

"Today's the first day of the rest of your life" - Charles Dederich

Sharadha is from the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. She grew up in the middle east for the most part and came back to my homeland for college education. She holds a Masters degree in software engineering and is very passionate about music, photography and playing basketball whenever she can. She loves food and enjoys different cuisines as long as it's vegetarian. She does, however, have a particular weakness for chocolates. She can come off as a very head strong, wildly enthusiastic person who's pillars are her principles, but she also knows how to sniff out fun whenever it's in close proximity :)

The reason she wishes to be part of this program has to do with wanting to recreate the trust structure in India, taking into consideration that a lot about what HIT does in PNG, and now Mongolia, has profound significance in the current milieu of India. She believes that the HIT program is one step further to achieving what she think is the key to most of our problems in today's world: Collaboration. She has always wanted to contribute to the mission of enabling collaboration between the different peoples of our world and she believes that will lead us to a revolution.