Selenge Province - Technology

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Resourcefulness is a key characteristic of Mongolian life, whether in the city or the rural areas of the country. Electricity is a rare luxury hardly ever seen in the nomadic lands of northern Mongolia, as it is not necessary for completing everyday tasks, but some do make use of portable and renewable energies. Nomads make use of solar panels that are placed just outside of the ger, generally on a pole that is stuck into the ground and secure enough to survive some harsher weather. This technology is used to power other luxuries that require electricity such as television, radios, and lights. Due to the rarity of these technologies, Mongolians find other ways to entertain themselves, provide themselves with light, and complete necessary tasks with only what can be found in their surroundings.

Although electricity is rare in the countryside, the city must make efficient use of the electricity it has access to, because power outages are a common occurrence. This means that despite a general presence of electricity throughout the cities, such as Ulaanbaatar, Mongolians must be ready to make do without this aspect of urban life. In the summer months (June - August), electricity is more reliable than in the winter months when weather conditions become an obstacle. Professions such as construction use the consistency of electricity in the warmer months to complete as much work as possible. No matter the location, rural or urban, Mongolians must make use of several resources to accomplish the same jobs they would use electricity for. This makes electricity a luxury that is enjoyed, more often in the cities, but is not a necessity for life throughout the country.

Date Entered: June 2011