Riley Little

“Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.” -Henry David Thoreau

Riley is currently studying history at Christopher Newport University. His family is originally from New Mexico and he really enjoys visiting whenever he can. As far as interests and hobbies go he loves spending time with his family, playing sports, reading, and listening to and making music. He also spends a lot of time outdoors fishing, hiking, and camping.

The program caught his eye for three main reasons. First are the goals that the Trust seeks to accomplish, in enabling the originators of information to benefit from it as well as disseminating that knowledge to others. He feels they are admirable goals and he wants to play whatever role he can in helping. In addition the program also provides a great opportunity to travel and gain immense life experience. Riley thinks it will also allow him to expand his knowledge base and learn different skill sets that will be beneficial to him individually and to those he comes in contact with in the future.