Raunsepna, located in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, combines both the traditional Qaqet customs with modern technology. Currently, Raunsepna is the host to the closet schooling system for the Qaqet children of Komgi. The village is also home to a nursery filled with different spices, such as Cardamom. In the near future, the people of Raunsepna plan to build a technological school which will not only educate the children of the communities but also serve as a processing plant for the spices.

Date Entered: June 2009

The Heritable Innovation Trust document has greatly adapted over the past 4 years. Now, the document and community analyses are based upon the values of Integral Accounting, however, at its inception, the document was constructed around three contextual categories: personal context, community context, and political context. Therefore, the communities visited during the inaugural trip have a different kind of analysis.

Contextual Analysis

Personal Context
Community Context
Political Context

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Bamboo Blind Weave
Bamboo Water Bottle
Bush Rope
Cane Chain-links
Cooking Directly on Fire, Ashes, or Embers
Cooking in Bamboo Shoots
Cooking with Coconut Milk
Cooking with Volcanic Stones
Farming Techniques in the Coastal and Mountainous Regions of East New Britain
Hillside Farming
Qaqet Bandicoot and Cassowary Traps
Roof Thatching

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