Papua New Guinea

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Amruqa, Ltd. is a small organic and Integral Trade certified essential oils and spices company based in Vunakanau, East New Britain (ENB), Papua New Guinea. They work in conjunction with partner communities in remote ares of ENB that have a primary focus on ethical agriculture and socioeconomic development. Amruqa, Ltd. was founded in 1997 and is currently directed and managed by Theresa Arek, Ian Sexton, and Sharmayne Ryan. Following the twin volcanic eruptions in 1994, ENB residents were faced with relocation and the land pressures resulting. The only consistent source of income was the sale of products from subsistence agriculture. In response to the need for a market for these agricultural goods, Arek and Sexton created this essential oils and spice company which employs the farming techniques utilized in their partner communities to produce spices and oils of the highest quality available in the market. Amruqa, Ltd. is committed to ethical and sustainable methods and practices that stem directly from maintaining traditional methods and living in harmony with the environment. Watch Amruqa, Ltd. featured in a thirty minute special highlighting their trade and production processes: here. Additionally, to learn more about Amruqa, Ltd. visit their website: