Other Remedies

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We were made aware of a bush that grows on the coast that is used as a cure for hypertension. We were also made aware of a series of remedies used as cures for oral and gastrointestinal cancers. We were told of an algae bloom found in the sea that, when taken, results in 24-48 hours of extreme gastrointestinal distress but is a prophylactic for malaria.

All of these were mentioned but the precise nature of the remedy and its source was not shared. It is important to note in this section that healing remedies are communally held and, as such, ethnobotanists who seek to expropriate knowledge by exploiting an individual arrangement with an individual person - regardless of "informed consent" or "compensation" nature of an individual agreement - does so in explicit violation of community values and in implicit violation of the Convention on Biodiversity and other standards protecting local knowledge.