Ngavalus - Knowledge

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In Ngavalus, there are many different places used for learning. There is a school run and sponsored by the provincial government, some private schools run by the villages themselves, and the hausboi. The men are brought up and taught the traditions and history of the community in the hausboi. They learn the role men play in the community and about all of the responsibilities they have for maintaining the well-being of the village. It is here traditions and customs are passed down through storytelling and participating in everyday activities and specialized projects. In schools, the children learn about the history of Papua New Guinea and the world, English, and basic arithmetic. The Australian curriculum is used in the provincial schools, but the village is teaching its students using the American curriculum. The main distinction between the two curricula is the version of English vocabulary, grammar, and spelling that is taught. In both instances students will have been exposed to at least three languages after their schooling: English, Tok Pisin, and their native language or dialect.

Date Entered: August 2011