Navunaram - Well-Being

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Since Navunaram is reliant on agriculture, there is an abundance of food available to all members of the community throughout the year. While there are many crops grown in family gardens, fruit trees and vegetables grow around the community as well. There is an abundance of coconuts, oranges, bananas, cassava, and taro growing wild; all of which are key components of everyday meals. Navunaram also has a number of community owned chickens. Everyone cares for the chickens and each house usually has a place for them to roost and lay eggs, providing everyone in the community with a source of protein.

Navunaram is a community in which every member works to support other members as well as the community at large. Community meetings are a venue where individuals have the opportunity to voice their opinions on how to better the community. Each individual pitches in to help whenever there are projects requiring their specific skills, whether they are community-wide or for individual families. For example, members of the community with construction experience took shifts renovating the library at the elementary school in zone two while the interns were visiting and neighbors and friends came together to help a family put roofing on a new house. Family members and neighbors also take a collective approach to raising children and in everyday tasks like tending gardens or cooking meals. With a collectivist mindset the community is supported as well as every family and individual in it.

Date Entered: June 2012