Navunaram - Money

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The main source of income for members of the Navunaram community is the sale of their agricultural crops. Every family in the community has a number of hectares of land where they grow subsistence and commercial products like peanuts, bananas, papayas, coconuts, tapioca, taro, and cocoa, which was their main cash crop. Due to the outbreak of the cocoa pod boar (CPB) many farmers are looking for new products since they can no longer rely on cocoa as a cash crop. Nutmeg has been introduced as a potential alternative to supplement the loss of cocoa sales. Nutmeg trees are relatively easy to manage, requiring only minor weeding in the first few months at which point the tree is left alone. Though it takes five years to mature and bear fruit, it bears fruit for a long time and produces two spices; the nutmeg itself and mace, the red flower that grows around the nutmeg nut. Navunaram’s relationship with Amruqa, the local organic spices and essential oils company, guarantees them a market to sell their mace and nutmeg and provides them with an educational partnership to develop an agricultural strategy best suited to the needs and values of their community.

Date Entered: June 2012