Navunaram - Knowledge

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Because Navunaram relies heavily on agriculture, all knowledge associated with it is passed down to each generation at an early age. As soon as they are able, children help with gardening and cultivation and parents and other family members pass on their knowledge and skills. However, Navunaram has a number of different educational centers as well. Community knowledge is shared at churches and community halls, while basic learning skills including reading, writing, and math are taught at community elementary schools. Along with these traditional school subjects, the elementary school in zone two of Navunaram is teaching its students agricultural responsibility. The school recently acquired nutmeg seedlings and plans to include cultivation, maintenance, and harvesting of this and other crops into their curriculum. Not only does this provide the school with a means by which they can raise money, but it also prepares the students to be active members in their agriculturally centered community.

Date Entered: June 2012