Mumu Tapiok Na Minmin

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Mumu Tapiok Na Minmin is a food made from tapiok (the Pidgin name for cassava roots), minmin (the Tolai name for ripe, sweet eating bananas), coconut, and salt. The cooking process can take up to eight hours so it is common for many people to prepare it before going to sleep so that it can cook overnight and be ready to be taken to school or work the next morning. Once cooked, the Mumu Tapiok has a consistency similar to a very dense cake. While it is still hot it can be quite sticky. The color of the mumued tapiok varies depending on the type of banana used. Often times it is made with cooking bananas so the cake is a deep purple. Mumu Tapiok Na Minmin is not only rich in starches and calories, but is also sold in markets as a means of generating income.