The members of the Komgi community are the custodians of the Qaqet traditions. As a result, they hold all of the Qaqet knowledge of medicine, customs, and the traditional ways of life. Though they are located a vigorous day’s walk from the coast, the people of Komgi maintain the knowledge of salt production and are aware of very specific salts available from particular locations in the bay. There are numerous types of salt used by the community with uses ranging from cooking to medicines. They are frequently requested to assist other communities in performing custom and traditional community practices – a service for which they are typically compensated.

Qaqet communities are part of the customary indigenous society on the island of New Britain. They have lived in the area for thousands of years; in fact, they hold an oral tradition that includes 20,000 years of human history. The tribe itself is split into five clans united by their common heritage and traditions. Currently, the Qaqet steward the Qunsop Watershed, which is the region in the middle of the East New Britain province spanning from coast to coast. There are a number of villages scattered throughout the entire Watershed.

Date Entered: June 2010

Integral Accounting

Custom & Culture

The Heritable Innovation Trust document has greatly adapted over the past 4 years. Now, the document and community analyses are based upon the values of Integral Accounting, however, at its inception, the document was constructed around three contextual categories: personal context, community context, and political context. Therefore, the communities visited during the inaugural trip have a different kind of analysis.

Contextual Analysis

Personal Context
Community Context
Political Context

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