Ken Dabkowski

Ken Dabkowski has been an M·CAM team member since 2009 after visiting as an intern in 2008. Currently, Ken works in Corporate Communications and is a part of the Global Engagement team. As part of the Heritable Innovation Trust (H.I.T.) Mongolia engagement in 2010, Ken worked with communities in Ulaanbaatar, Dalanzadgad and the Arkhangai Aimag.

Since the 2010 H.I.T. experience, Ken has continued to develop relationships with several H.I.T. communities including Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Nepal, and Mexico. His background includes work in several sectors including energy, security, trade, technology, hospitality, humanities, government and future studies. Moving forward, Ken would like to see the H.I.T., Integral Trade, and Integral Accounting frameworks widely deployed so as to build a broad and equitable global trade network.