Internship Program

The best way to learn is by doing. So all the information found in the Heritable Innovation Trust is experienced by our intern teams. To accurately convey methods and processes, H.I.T. interns engage in hands-on participation for every Trust Item. Community profiles and Integral Accounting analyses are constructed based on the direct experiences of our teams. Interns become active members of the communities they are hosted by. Our teams are frequently the first foreign visitors to the communities we engage with and thus build unique relationships with everyone they interact with. As ambassadors of M·CAM, themselves, and their home countries, our interns go through rigorous training to learn the community engagement tools H.I.T. utilizes in every interaction. These tools enable teams to really become part of the community and engage in relationships based on mutual respect, trust and camaraderie.

Our internship program began in 2009 when four university students (Walt Barber, Caitlin Boyd, Katie Martin, and Taylor Starns) from the United States were sent to Papua New Guinea for 6 weeks. Since then, the program has included interns from across the globe and reached over 15 communities worldwide. To find out more about each internship trip thus far, check out the links at the bottom of this page.

If you are interested in learning more about our internship program or applying to be part of a H.I.T. intern team, e-mail us at HIT@M-CAM.COM

Papua New Guinea Team 2009: (left to right) Caitlin Boyd, Taylor Starns, Walt Barber, Katie Martin, Theresa ArekPapua New Guinea Team 2010: (left to right) Caitlin Boyd, Shannon Augustine, Lewis Caskey, Elspeth Missel, Rod Jackson. Picture taken by Katie Martin.Mongolia Team 2010: (left to right) Jazei, Enkhtuya, Batbayar, David Martin, Ken Dabkowski
Papua New Guinea Team 2011: (left to right) Rod Jackson, Antonia Berki, Betty and children, Katie Martin, Roger Bohon, Sharadha RamakrishnanMongolia Team 2011: (left to right) Roger Bohon, Katie Martin, Riley LittlePapua New Guinea Team 2012: (left to right) Sian, Katie Martin, Hector Feliciano-Ayala, Julia Craig, Mike Venable, KanitCharlottesville 2013: (left to right) Sana Khawaja, Ciara Pratt, Analisa Toma, Connor Hennessey
Peru 2014: (from left to right) Amilcar, Julia Craig, Jennifer Pluchinsky, Carmen, Alex Stott, Katie Martin, Carlos, Conor Flynn

Papua New Guinea 2009

Ecuador 2010

Mongolia 2010

Papua New Guinea 2010

Mongolia 2011

Papua New Guinea 2011

Papua New Guinea 2012

Charlottesville 2013

Peru 2014