Papua New Guinea 2012

The 2012 Papua New Guinea H.I.T. team was by far one of our most prepared and best trained teams to date. Their primary focus was to be extra sets of hands for Amruqa and apply the H.I.T. community engagement tools to Amruqa's community-partner outreach strategy. The team participated in the everyday activities on the spice plantation, doing everything from weeding and planting to office work, painting, and helping in the nursery. They helped in the processing of lemongrass oil to get a better understanding of the product documentation process. In their down time, the team became active members of the Amruqa community by playing in after work rugby games, visiting schools, doing group workouts, learning to cook, and visiting the homes and families of their coworkers. The 2012 H.I.T. team also had the opportunity to assist in gathering farmer identification information from Amruqa's newest community partner, Navunaram. During their day trips into the village, the team got to experience the every day rhythm of Navunaram. The team applied their deep understanding of the principles of Integral Accounting to create profiles of both Navunaram and Amruqa. They also developed a means by which Amruqa can document their agricultural information for their own company records using the Heritable Innovation Trust framework. This team was able to contribute one community profile (Navunaram's) and eight trust items originating from the surrounding communities to the main document as well as develop a community report for Amruqa.

Team Members

Julia Craig
Hector Feliciano-Ayala
Katie Martin
Mike Venable

Trust Items (must be logged in to view)

Bamboo Roofing
Ku (Tavuiliu)
Ku (Tinginagalip)
Lemongrass Cultivation, Harvesting, and Processing
Mumu Tapiok Na Minmin
Tolai Bandicoot Bludgeon Trap
Tolai Bandicoot Slip-Knot Trap