Papua New Guinea 2011

The 2011 Papua New Guinea H.I.T. team expanded the program's reach to other provinces of Papua New Guinea. The team of five spent their time in Vunakanau at the Amruqa headquarters, in New Ireland with the community of Ngavalus, and in Port Moresby. While in Ngavalus, Katie Martin was adopted as part of the community and the whole team became an integral part of the community by participating in everyday life and really becoming part of the family. They learned weaving techniques, construction methods, and much more while there. In the end, the 2011 Papua New Guinea team was able to put together one of the program's most complete community profiles and added six items to the repository. The end of their trip was spent in the capital city of Port Moresby. The team spent time with the model village of Farea, located just north of the Port Moresby airport. The team aided in the development of an Integral Accounting based, H.I.T and Global Innovation Commons project to bring the community clean drinking water in the most cost effective and efficient way possible. The Papua New Guinea water project was completed in February of 2012. To read more about the project click HERE. By far one of the most notable things about the 2011 Papua New Guinea H.I.T. team was the expansion of our intern base. That year the H.I.T. program welcomed its first international interns; Sharadha Ramakrishnan from Chennai, India and Antonia Berki from Transylvania, Romania. We are constantly looking to grow our H.I.T. team member base to acquire as many perspectives as possible and expand the global reach of the program.

Team Members

Antonia Berki
Roger Bohon
Rod Jackson
Katie Martin
Sharadha Ramakrishnan

Trust Items (must be logged in to view)

Breadfruit Bark Cloth
Sago Roofing
Sago Washing Troughs