Papua New Guinea 2010

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The 2010 Papua New Guinea internship had the largest team in the programs history with 6 team members; Shannon Augustine, Caitlin Boyd, Lewis Caskey, Rod Jackson, Katie Martin, and Elspeth Missel. We expanded our reach in East New Britain by living in three new communities and returned to Komgi. The team started in the Qaqet community of Alakasam, learning a number of traditional Qaqet items as well as agricultural practices. After that the team traveled to Komgi to continue the development of our community profile. The H.I.T. team also had the programs first interaction with Tolai communities during their stay in Raluana and Matupit. In Raluana, the team learned numerous methods of weaving and a variety of natural remedies. The 2010 H.I.T. team also had the opportunity to be the first group of outsiders to stay in the village of Matupit, a village located in the Rabaul caldera that was devastated during the 1994 twin eruptions of Vulcan and Tavurvur. While there, the team experienced how the people of Matupit have adapted to their drastic change in lifestyle and environment. In all, the team created or expanded four community profiles and added 30 trust items to the repository.

Team Members

Shannon Augustine
Caitlin Boyd
Lewis Caskey
Rod Jackson
Katie Martin
Elspeth Missel

Trust Items (must be logged in to view)

Anuknuk (Elephant Grass)
Woven Ball
Bamboo Comb
Daval Na Lotu (Holy Plant)
Woven Fan
Fire Starting
Fish Trap
Food Packets
Fruit and Nut Basket
Woven Mat
Megapode Egg Gathering
Men's Woven Basket
Peanut Harvesting and Processing
Woven Plate
Qaqet Male Dress
Salt Making