Papua New Guinea 2009

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To launch the Heritable Innovation Trust program, M·CAM and Amruqa (then known as Pacific Spices) collaborated to deploy the program in an inaugural environment which integrates social, ecological and historical context diversity. East New Britain, Papua New Guinea was chosen for this location because of its abundant natural resources that provide multiple options within varying world markets and its deeply rooted and celebrated cultural heritage. Walt Barber, Caitlin Boyd, Katie Martin, and Taylor Starns, four university students from the United States, were sent to document heritable knowledge and customs in order to establish the worlds first Heritable Innovation Trust. They were based at Vunakanau, the Amruqa plantation, to record Amruqa's unique processing techniques and farmer-community empowerment strategies. Their first week was spent in meetings observing the provincial and national government systems. They then spent two weeks in and around the village of Raunsepna, and four days in the Komgi village with the keepers of the Qaqet* customs. In both villages they lived with different families, participating in everyday activities in order to experience firsthand the interplay between community, business and government. These specific locations were selected because of their pre-existing working relationships with Amruqa, a company already utilizing the reciprocal, socially responsible business practices outlined by the Heritable Innovation Trust framework.

*The term "Qaqet" is a name that we have chosen to use in lieu of the more conventional term "Baining". While both describe the same community, we have been made aware of some deep sensitivity to the ethnic history of the Baining term and, as such, we seek to honor the heritage of those with whom the first Trust was compiled.

Team Members

Walt Barber
Caitlin Boyd
Katie Martin
Taylor Starns

Trust Items (must be logged in to view)

Amut Rope
Bamboo Blind Weave
Bamboo Water Bottle
Bush Rope
Cane Chain-links
Coconut Harvesting and Processing
Cooking Directly on Fire, Ashes, or Embers
Cooking in Bamboo Shoots
Cooking with Coconut Milk
Cooking with Volcanic Stones
Farming Techniques in the Coastal and Mountainous Regions of East New Britain
Hillside Farming
Patchouli Harvesting and Processing
Pepper Cultivation, Harvesting, and Processing
Qaqet Bandicoot and Cassowary Traps
Roof Thatching
Solar Dryer