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One of Mongolia's toughest political obstacles is the vast range of their constituency. It is difficult to enact legislation when a large percentage of the population is nomadic and the rest live in urban centers. To aid in bridging this gap, the 2011 Mongolian H.I.T. team spent much of their time in the Selenge Province, the northern-most province in Mongolia, with a nomadic family so as to better understand the needs of a large portion of the Mongolian population. The team of three (Roger Bohon, Riley Little, and Katie Martin) spent ten days experiencing nomadic agricultural life. They learned how nomadic Mongolians subsist with limited access to water and how they utilize the resources around them without having much environmental impact. The second half of the 2011 team's trip was spent working with Ken Dabkowski, leader of the Global Innovation Commons initiative at M·CAM, and a group of university students on building a greenhouse in the Arkhangai province out of recycled materials. To read more about that project click HERE and to see pictures click HERE. In all, the 2011 Mongolian H.I.T. team added nine new trust items to the repository and one community profile.

Team Members

Roger Bohon
Riley Little
Katie Martin

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Buluur (Butter Churning Tool)
Ger Assembly
Milk-based Alcohol Distillation
Slaughter of the Sheep
Tavan Salaa