Charlottesville 2013

This year our internship program stayed local in Charlottesville, Virginia. Our interns (Connor Hennessey, Sana Khawaja, Ciara Pratt, and Analisa Toma) worked closely with Mudhouse and Amruqa to develop an engagement proposal outlining the possible ways for our colleagues to work together. The team learned more information about the crop, the industry, and the culture of coffee than they ever knew existed and spent their days with Dan Pabst and Theresa Arek to determine where the most effective cross-overs are. In the end, the team put together a company analysis of Mudhouse from information they gathered during their experience in the coffee shops and conducted intensive research on trade logistics and policy to compile a set of documents for Amruqa and Mudhouse to use moving forward.

Team Members
Connor Hennessey
Sana Khawaja
Ciara Pratt
Analisa Toma