Amruqa on Talk Business!

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Following up on our article from Monday, Amruqa has been highlighted on Talk Business in a thirty minute special as an essential oil and aromatic spices business in Papua New Guinea. Currently, the company specializes in coconut oil; however, for the benefit of farmers and to increase market exposure, Amruqa is beginning to diversify into aromatic spices (e.g. lemon grass, citronella, and tea tree). Amruqa is organic and Integral Trade certified, spurring demand in Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and Fiji for use in cosmetic products, fragrances, and food. Additionally, Amruqa is only one of forty-two companies qualified to receive funds by the EU under the Land Resources Division of SPC. The long-term goal of Amruqa is to increase the skill set of farmers so that they may benefit from larger value-added products and further diversify plant variety and improve land allocation. Check out the segment to learn more about Amruqa’s business model and to see footage of exactly how all their organic oils and aromatic spices are produced in Papua New Guinea, HERE!