Christopher Jarrett

Chris Jarrett, a graduate from Elon University, spent the 2010 Summer interning with Runa Foundation. Having partnered with the Heritable Innovation Trust program, Chris wrote the 2010 Ecuadorian Trust based on his experiences living in a Kichwa community (Rukullakta) in Napo and conversations with Kichwa farmers in Napo involved in Runa’s guayusa project. From September 2011 to July 2012, he continued research on indigenous knowledge and oral traditions associated with guayusa with funding from a Fulbright grant. The product of this work, which was carried out in collaboration with two Kichwa co-researchers, was a book about traditional ecological knowledge of guayusa in Kichwa, Spanish, and English, which was distributed and sold in Ecuador and is in the process of being made available for sale in the U.S. through the Runa Amazon Guayusa organization. In September 2012, he began studying for a PhD in ecological anthropology at the University of Texas at San Antonio and hopes to continue to do research in Amazonian Ecuador in the coming years.