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"A STATE of emergency has been declared on Sinivit gold mine, in East New Britain, to detoxicate the cyanide contamination and contain potential pollution within the vicinity. The PEC (provincial executive council) directed the provincial administration to release K300,000 to address immediate dangers of the environmental damage while awaiting funding help from the National Government." Read more details HERE.

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Our good friend, Soapbox, made big strides in washing initiatives in West Africa during the height of Ebola prevention efforts. Soapbox has donated their products to John Caulkners’ group, Fambul Tok International, to promote the necessary frequency of washing your hands before interacting with food or others. 9,301 bars and 1,255 bottles of soap were donated for the fight against Ebola over a 45 day period according to the press release published in November 2014. We are proud to call Soapbox such a close friend with great contribution to initiatives such as this!

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We would like to highlight some peaceful news between the Hindus and Muslims from Western India in the midst of religious tensions worldwide. Located in a village known as Burondi in the Ratnagiri district, a 100-year pact has been signed between the Hindus and Muslims to maintain a “communal harmony.” The pact lays out a code of conduct for both communities’ members in order to produce peaceful collaboration and understanding including conduct for processions before passing a holy place and help through facilitation during annual festivals.

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Happy Friday everyone! We want to fill you all in on an incredible festival happening each year in Ecuador, the IV International Festival of Indigenous Literature. The festival was originally organized in 2011 and has been organized jointly by the Center for the Study of Living Well and sumak Kawsay for Indigenous People (CEGOPPE), a NGO focused on indigenous cultural revitalization, ever since.

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Language is a major component of a community’s cultural identity. Sadly, almost all of the indigenous languages in Canada are experiencing a decline of some kind. However, efforts have begun to revitalize the Skwomesh language, located in British Columbia in the southwestern coastal region of Canada, because of the value it holds in the community. Khelsilem founded the Skwomesh Language Academy project when he discovered the passion behind indigenous communities reintegrating their languages.

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If you haven’t heard enough cool information about Indonesia from our last blog post you should look further into the Ke’te Kessu area of the Bonoran Village. It is located in North Toraja Regency of Sulawesi, an island in Indonesia that is the world’s eleventh-largest island. Yesterday, February 3, 2015, a traditional leader of the Bonoran Village, Layuk Sarungallo, spoke about the importance of the forests to the community’s cultural identity. The focus of the article is the traditional house of the Toraja communities, the Tongkonan.

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The Bukit Barisan Mountains located on the western side of Sumatra, Indonesia has forests full of communal land that support high levels of biodiversity. The 19,250 hectares of forest located in the Bukit Barisan Mountains has sparked controversy between the 14,672 people currently living there and the government stating that it is protected forest instead of the villages’ communal land.

Congratulations to our dear friend, Dr. Yusuf K. Hamied, for being honored with the Hall of Fame Chemtech PBW Leadership & Excellence Award for 2015! Dr. Hamied is the Chairman and founder of Cipla, India’s leading pharmaceutical company committed to fighting HIV/AIDS worldwide by making Antiretroviral (ARV), fixed dose triple-drug ARV combination and Triomune affordable and available to the underprivileged.

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Today’s blog post comes from an article published by Mongabay, which examines the transition and role of zoos as a vehicle of not only public diversion and education, but also of conservation. Zoos have transitioned from a sterile, gray-barred environment full of animals commonly found in the wild, to a natural, plush environment that houses rare animals from all corners of the world. As zoos develop their own breeding programs and individual or collective conservation foundations, is it enough?

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Micah, the Minister for Public Enterprises and State Investments of Papua New Guinea, is suggesting that public and private businesses collaborate in order to better manage resources, especially in the sphere of fossil fuels. The goal of this initiative is to make government entities more transparent, to pool resources to increase efficiency, and to increase partnerships in the future with domestic and international partners.