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Blue Ventures and their founder, Alasdair Harris, were recognized by the Skoll Foundation for working with impoverished fishing communities to develop better methods for the management of local marine stocks. The Skoll Foundation awarded them their top prize for social entrepreneurship.

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Our friends at The Abundant Seed are seeking an intern for April to November! The Abundant Seed is a Nelson County Trade School for Children. It is important that the intern is interested in farming, educating children and enjoys life. It will be an abundant work load, which will make it essential for the intern to be a team player!
The work will include (but is not limited to):
(1) Helping with the class sessions and camps of The Abundant Seed Trade School (must love working with kids).

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From one point of view, roads can be seen as means to production and therefore production movement. In another, roads can be seen as a major obstacle to wilderness and biodiversity.

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Happy Nepali New Year 2072!! The New Year in Nepal starts in Baishakh, which is the first month of the Bikram Sambat calendar (official calendar of Nepal). In Nepal there are nine different new years and more than 60 ethnic groups with their own unique culture and celebrations to go with each one. However, Baishakh is regarded as the national New Year. Most people hold picnics, they tour, they travel and they have massive celebrations with family and friends to ring in the New Year.

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“It is the ultimate convergence of visionary art, electronic music, yoga, spirituality, nutrition, fashion and dance-culture, where people gather who appreciate both nature and spiritual consciousness, and who want to co-create an unpretentious dance party in celebration of sacred art and community.” The Lightning in a Bottle festival in Bradley, California, is held over four days in May and is known for providing an oasis to expand the human mind.

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Yesterday morning, the Morning Show covered a special on the trek of two high profile Australian women, Laura Dundovic and Erin Holland, on Papua New Guinea’s Kokoda Track. The Kokoda track became a historical landmark for Australians after WWII hit their doorstep in 1942. The Japanese invasion of Rabaul in Papua New Guinea pushed a young inexperienced militia group from Australia to stop the Japanese from taking Port Moresby from the North.

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Mason Wartman wanted to try something new after working a computer job on Wall Street for three years, so he opened up a pizza shop called Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. What started as an average pizza shop turned into a charitable pay-it-forward shop. This journey began when a customer offered to pay for a slice of pizza for the next homeless person who came in. Wartman noted this kind offer on a post-it note and stuck it on the wall.

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The idea of buying products in bulk and passing down those savings to the customer has been popular for a lot of grocery stores' execution strategies around the world. However, there is one store that has gone completely bulk. Two women in Germany just opened Originally Unverpackt, a 100% package-free shopping experience for customers. Located in Berlin, Originally Unverpackt has over 600 ingredients and foodstuffs available for purchase.

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Viet Tran and Seth Robertson, two engineering students for George Mason University, have proposed and are currently testing a new technology that uses sound waves to extinguish fires. DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has conducted a number of experiments in this field, but they have not yet developed a practical device to utilize the sound waves effectively. Tran and Robertson began their focus on this area of study during their senior research project.

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The international non-profit, originally known as the World Land Trust, but now known as Rainforest Trust, has launched its most ambitious project yet: the conservation of 5.9 million acres of tropical forest in Peru. For the last 25 years, the non-profit's goal has been to protect tropical forests through land purchase and partnering with local groups. Dr.