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The Pamunkey Indian tribe made history yesterday by becoming the first tribe in the State of Virginia to be recognized by the federal government. The Pamunkey tribe is consists of 200-members living on a 1,200-acre reservation in rural King William County. At the time of British colonization, the Pamunkey were part of the Powhatan paramount chiefdom. Presently, there are 566 federally recognized American Indian and Alaska Native tribes and villages.

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Acaté Amazon Conservation is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2012 to work with the indigenous people of the Peruvian Amazon to protect the Amazon rainforest. Acaté partnered with five Matsés shamans in the Galvez region of Perú to the create an encyclopedia that details every plant used in Matsés medicine. This Traditional Medicine Encyclopedia marks the first time shamans of any Amazonian tribe have created a full transcription of their medicinal knowledge.

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The Sápara people are an indigenous tribe located in the Ecuadorian Amazon that run NAKU, a wellness and healing center. The tribe is numbered at only 575 and they continue to slowly disappear because of the constant destruction to the Amazon. The RUNA foundation has started a mission based on their work with Guayusa (an Amazonian super-leaf naturally packed with caffeine) to share the transformative potential of Amazonian plant medicine.

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The art of meditation has started showing positive change in schools and their students. School systems throughout the United States are calling it “Quiet Time” and it includes 15 minutes of silence in the beginning and end of the day. The Huffington Post featured a charter school, BUGS, in Brooklyn, New York City that adopted quiet time when it opened in 2013. BUGS focuses on sustainability and holistic education and has full-time employees that provide education about the practice and science of meditation.

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Foster Huntington, previously a designer for Ralph Lauren, quit his job to live out his creative dream of wandering the country. Huntington’s wandering led him to western Washington state, near the Oregon border where he planned and built his dream treehouse.

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Back pain is a daily struggle for most people and if it is not yet, it will most likely pose a problem for you at some point in your life. Two decades ago, Esther Gokhale struggled with back pain after giving birth to her first child and it pushed her to discover a successful back pain prevention method beyond the doctor recommended surgery. Gokhale went beyond Western medicine and looked into populations that did not have these huge back pain problems to see what they were doing differently than the average Westerner.

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A big congratulations is in order to our friends at SoapBox Soaps because CEO David Simnick was asked to be a contributor to the new initiative on the Huffington Post sponsored by PwC, called “What’s Working: Purpose + Profit.” Simnick will be talking about what it is like to run a social mission company and provide insider knowledge on the subject.

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“Every year in the United States, six billion pounds of ugly fruits and veggies are wasted because they do not meet visual standards.” The symmetrical fruit and vegetables that line the rows in your local grocery stores are expected when a shopper goes grocery shopping. The Smithsonian noted that what is commonly misunderstood about the judgment of oddly shaped fruit and vegetables leads to large quantities of imperfect produce wasted every year.

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Unilever and Patagonia have been announced as the world’s most sustainable brands in the 2015 Sustainability Leaders Report. The Sustainability Leaders Report, produced by SustainAbility and GlobeScan, was developed using research conducted in 82 countries to discover which company was thought to best integrate sustainability into its business strategy.

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In 1998, May 26th was declared “National Sorry Day” in Australia by a coalition of community groups. The day was established to reconcile for the social-engineering policy that stripped around 50,000 children from their Aboriginal families between 1910 and the 1970s. Although Australian politicians were initially slow to embrace “National Sorry Day”, when a new party with a new Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, stepped into office it was welcomed with open arms.