H.I.T. Partner Update: Mongolia

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Late last week, we here at M·CAM got an update from our friends at the Mongolian Academy of Sciences (MAS). During the 2011 H.I.T. and G.I.C. trips to Mongolia, the teams partnered up with Tuul and Badmaar, two Mongolian engineering students at MAS, to recycle glass bottles for use in the construction of a greenhouse. The original plan was to melt the glass into tiles with the use of a kiln. However, the teams learned early in the construction process that temperature gradients and the unreliability of electricity at the site made firing these glass tiles nearly impossible. The kiln was left with MAS at the end of the trip to allow for further testing. As of last week, we have received news that Tuul and Badmaar have set up a glass testing laboratory at MAS and have been conducting numerous experiments with various types of glass, temperatures, and chemical mixtures. While it is in the beginning stages, the glass laboratory is making great strides forward. Take a look at some of their experiments thus far: