Featured Photo Friday: Frozen Waterfalls

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Photo Credit: Ken Dabkowski

In 2010 the Mongolian H.I.T. team had the opportunity to explore the vast landscape of the Gobi Desert. Due to the drastic temperatures ranging from comfortably warm to well below freezing, the landscape was littered with glaciers and other ice formations. Perhaps one of the most beautiful they stumbled across was this waterfall frozen in time. Though it appears to be flowing, the waterfall has frozen to a solid block of ice cascading over the rocky terrain of the Gobi. Mongolia is located on relatively high northern latitudes (most of the country lying on the same latitude lines as northern regions of Canada) creating a very severe cold and dry climate for 9 out of the 12 months of the year. Temperatures begin to warm up around the end of May and drop into the negatives around the middle to end of August. The cold temperatures are so severe that all of the infrastructure and construction projects must be done within the range of around 3 months that it is bearable to function outside.