Featured Photo Friday: A Helping Hand

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During the first two days of the 2010 Papua New Guinea Team's stay in Raluana, the interns learned just about everything there is to know about weaving palm fronds. Though they were learning all of the different techniques used to create mats, fans, balls, baskets, and much more, it was also a time that the team got to connect with their Raluana family. The two children in this picture were just two of the many brothers and sisters the H.I.T. team acquired during their stay. Whether it was the mutual humor found in the team attempting palm weaving, conversations about family and daily life, or playing games with the kids, weaving lessons were definitely a time for the team and their Raluana family to build a relationship. In the picture above, the children are putting the spoils of weaving lessons to good use in collecting fruit to share with everyone. To learn how the basket was made check it out in the Trust Repository HERE.