Featured Photo Friday: The Giant Chinngis

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Photo Credit: Riley Little (taken by the team's translator, Dorj)

This week's featured photo(s) should look a little bit familiar (extra credit points to all of you that know where else this image appears on our site). During the 2011 Mongolian H.I.T. internship, the team had to opportunity to visit the world's largest stainless steel statue of an equestrian rider. This visage of Chinggis Khaan (commonly referred to as Genghis Khan) is 40 meters (131.2 feet) tall and covered with 250 tonne of steel. This memorial to Mongolia's most powerful leader is located 54 kilometers (33.6 miles) outside of the capital of Ulaanbaatar. It is a truly awe inspiring tribute to the leader who conquered half of the world in the 12th century. To learn more about Chinggis Khaan and his empire click HERE. And to learn more about the statue itself click HERE.

Photo Credit: Riley Little