Featured Photo Friday: The Drive Back from Komgi

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Photo Credit: Taylor Starns

The 2009 Heritable Innovation Trust team was the first group of visitors to stay in the Komgi village with the keepers of the Qaqet traditions. During their stay they experienced numerous torrential downpours characteristic of the highlands of East New Britain, which would later prove to be quite the obstacle for their return trip. After their 4 hour trek through the mud out to the vehicle, the truck was loaded with the team's backpacks and various personal items of the rest of the group, 6 bags filled with cardamom and 10 passengers riding in the back with all of the cargo. They pushed and pulled their way through countless areas just like the one in this photo; some even deeper than this, finally making it down the mountain after almost 4 hours of treacherous driving. Truly a testament to the driving skills of Rafael and the ingenuity of the whole group to find the right path and use the resources around them to make the "road" passable. Though not pictured in the photo above, the whole group had a great time working together to find solutions and experiencing the thrilling ride down from Komgi!