M·CAM Delivers Second Heritable Innovation Trust to Government and Communities in Papua New Guinea, Mongolia, and Ecuador

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August 17 2010: Rabaul, East New Britian, Paupa New Guinea; Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; Napo, Ecuador and Charlottesville, Virginia

By constituting reciprocal knowledge networks to perpetually benefit whole communities the 2010 Heritable Innovation Trust uses the fundamental values expressed in Integral Accounting to invite knowledge holders and users into cooperation that will last and grow. This document continues the World’s First Heritable Innovation Trust Document, written in 2009, which was deployed and stewarded by the communities in East New Britain.

The 2010 Heritable Innovation Trust was written by M·CAM in partnership with Follywell #6 (Paupa New Guiena, East New Britian) Mongolia Innovation Commons Partners (MICP-Ulaanbaatar), and The Runa Foundation (Ecuador). Fifty five pieces of Heritable Knowledge are chronicled in the 2010 Heritable Innovation Trust document including the Guayusa leaf, an organic fish trap, and ger.

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