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The state of Zamfara, located in the North Western region of Nigeria, is experiencing the world’s largest outbreak of lead poisoning. So far nearly 200 children have died and it is estimated that nearly 18,000 people have been affected. Seven villages in Zamfara have now been impacted by lead poisoning and these numbers only seem to continue to rise (Xan Rice, Guardian).

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We heard word for Theresa Arek from Pacific Spices our Heritable Innovation Trust contact in Papua New Guinea. She is currently in Bali attending an ICCO South East Asia and Pacific Regional council meeting. Upon her return to Papua New Guinea, she will stop in New Ireland and finalize all of the details for the 2011 internship.
We hope that the plan for the 2011 internship will include the selection of a tree which the interns will then take through the ritualistic process of building a canoe.

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We received an update this past weekend from Krishna at the Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation in Nepal.

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On August 27, 2010 The Mongolian Academy of Sciences and M-ICP (The Global Innovation Commons new commons alliance) agreed to cooperate for Innovation. The following is the press release from M-ICP. Learn More About M-ICP

In Ulaanbaatar a tripartite meeting was held in the Mongolian Academy of Sciences yesterday. The meeting was attended by Professor B. Enkhtuvshin, President of Mongolian Academy of Sciences (MAS), Mr. Ch. Otgochuluu, Director of Economic Competitiveness Policy and Research Center (ECRC) and Ms. D. Nergui, Founding CEO of M-ICP.

August 17 2010: Rabaul, East New Britian, Paupa New Guinea; Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; Napo, Ecuador and Charlottesville, Virginia

By constituting reciprocal knowledge networks to perpetually benefit whole communities the 2010 Heritable Innovation Trust uses the fundamental values expressed in Integral Accounting to invite knowledge holders and users into cooperation that will last and grow. This document continues the World’s First Heritable Innovation Trust Document, written in 2009, which was deployed and stewarded by the communities in East New Britain.

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Out of the written summaries of the Heritable Innovation Trust project, our favorite was created by Ciara Pratt. Ciara Pratt is a high school senior at Western Albemarle High School in Crozet, Virginia and planning on attending St. Louis University- Madrid Campus next fall. She is currently an intern at M·CAM studying intent-based communication.